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Nam-mic Financial Services Holdings (NFSH) is the CIH Group’s strategic empowerment partner. Capricorn Investment Holdings Limited (CIH) currently owns a 27.5% equity stake in NFSH, with the other 72.5% being held directly or indirectly through investment companies of Namibian unions affiliated in NUNW.
NFSH is owned by Namibia’s five largest trade unions. Therefore, the ultimate beneficiaries are the union members and their dependants, who in total represent approximately 200,000 previously disadvantaged Namibians. This makes NFSH the single largest broad-based empowerment group in Namibia.
NFSH head office is located in Windhoek with branches located across the country in the local towns such as Oshakati and Otjiwarongo.

Vision and Core Purpose

To be the leading Namibian Broad-Based Black Economic Empowerment company, creating opportunities for and building and distributing wealth to all its stakeholders.  Moreover, NFSH wants to: create and distribute wealth for stakeholders, to create opportunities for ultimate beneficiaries, to combat poverty, and to contribute to the economic development of Namibia.  The values are: teamwork, innovation, integrity, learning and excellence

Products and Services

Nam-mic Financial Solutions (Pty) Limited (NFS), a subsidiary of NFSH, offers micro finance to union members in partnership with Bank Windhoek Limited.  The micro finance business unit also provides payroll deduction services to private sector companies, state owned enterprises and government to provide financial services to members of the unions affiliated to the NUNW.


Contact details
Nam-mic Financial Services Holdings Ltd
PO Box 2364
Tel +264 61 388006
Fax +264 61 388 001
Email: nam-mic@nfs.com.na
Website: www.nfsh.com.na

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